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Chew on Things - The Book

Hear Casey and his Mom:


Discover the simple secrets about coping with living from a wise and worried dog!


Our latest award-winning book has some funny & insightful answers.




Chew on Things - It Helps You Think:

Words of Wisdom from a Worried Canine.

As Told to Dr. Iris Bell, with a Foreword by Casey B. Worrywart, Dogtor of Philosophy


Watch the Chew on Things Preview Video Here:


Wisdom is Where You Find It

There are a number of popular books on discovering wisdom in mundane or unexpected places. This one is a little different.

Play when you’re young. And when you’re old.

For one thing, it has photographs—wonderful photos—of the four-legged fretful philosopher… and sometimes his friends.

I’m warm and fuzzy and play a lot. He’s a pig.
Need I say more?

For another, seeing things from the puppy point of view gives you a whole new perspective on life and living and loving.

Even if you’re afraid of the world,
at least explore your neighborhood.

It’s the loving, possibly, that makes this book so special. It is so obviously a labor of love that you can’t help but get a healthy dose of it no matter which page you turn to. As Casey puts it,

Be wary of letting people in or out of your life,
but love them to pieces when they are there.

If you love dogs, if you love people, if you love discovering life’s lessons in delightful doggy bite-sized pieces, then chew on what you find in here.