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Chew on Things - It Helps You Think:
Words of Wisdom from a Worried Canine

As told to  Dr. Iris Bell, with a Foreword by
Casey B. Worrywart, Dogtor of Philosophy

Casey was a great dog. He was great because he was unabashedly himself. A real character. And when someone has the courage to just be who he is, the lessons of life seem to emanate from them in even the simplest of their actions.

Dr. Iris Bell, a psychiatrist and Casey's "mom," has recorded in delightful images and concise words her beloved friend's innocent wisdom, and wonderful worrywart wit. She couples these with insightful quotes from writers, celebrities and some of the world's great thinkers - who discovered through their own process of living and observing life what Casey just naturally knew.

When you need a little chuckle, a point in the right direction, a reminder of how someone can love and appreciate someone else, Chew on Things - It Helps You Think is just what the doctor ordered.

Great gift book for the special dog lovers in your life! 

Hardcover Book price $16.95.


e-Book for immediate download - only $9.95.


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P.P.S. We donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this book to animal rescue charity organizations. Order now!


Chew on Things Workbook for Fellow Worriers

Iris R. Bell, MD PhD
Inspired by Casey B. Worrywart, Dogtor of Philosophy

Worry Is No Laughing Matter
It’s a fact of life. Some people visit the land of worry and some live there almost all the time. Dr. Iris Bell has created this resource to help you be a tourist, not a resident.

Dr. Bell is a psychiatrist, a researcher, and a university professor. Through her studies she has amassed a remarkable amount of information about the human psyche. She understands the physiology and the psychology of worry.

What’s Casey Got to Do with It?
Casey was Dr. Bell’s dog—well, one of them anyway. Casey was also a worrier. In a way, they were made for each other. Or at least, fate must have brought them together.

As Dr. Bell watched Casey, she began to gain insights into how, from an instinctive level, animals—or at least, Casey—handled worry. Ever the researcher, Dr. Bell noted her observations and began to develop a methodology for helping people deal with worry.

Casey’s Legacy
The net result of Casey’s instinctive brilliance and Dr. Bell’s keen observations is this workbook—a companion journal to her and Casey’s Chew on Things – It Helps You Think photo essay book on worrying. It is often uplifting, sometimes amusing, and always a ready resource for reframing worrying and refocusing on being more productive and happier.

If you are a worrier, know someone who worries, or are worried that you may not know any worriers, don’t just stand there. Buy this book and start yourself, or someone you care about, moving away from worrying and into living, loving … and laughing more fully.

Workbook Price $14.95.

P.S. Remember - we donate a portion of the proceeds of all Chew on Things book and workbook sales to non-profit organizations that rescue homeless adoptable dogs and other pets to save them from euthanasia. Order now!