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What people are saying about Chew on Things - It Helps You Think:
Words of Wisdom from a Worried Canine

"...Chew on Things  - It Helps You Think can be read with appreciation and enjoyment by dog lovers from 8 to 80. A charming and original reminder of how a person (and their canine companion) can love and appreciate others, Chew on Things - It Helps You Think is very highly recommended reading and a worthwhile addition to any personal or community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement reading list or collection."

- The Midwest Book Review (www.midwestbookreview.com)

"Entertaining and life-changing...Pets like Casey can help you heal!"

 - Andrew Weil, MD
   Best-selling author of Eight Weeks to Optimum Health and Healthy Aging

"Chew on Things is a book for dog lovers, lovers of life, and especially for those who are trying to love life. Canine Casey offers fresh, poignant, funny, and accessible wisdom - and helps us celebrate not only life's pleasures, but also its cycles of birth and death. A must-read for children of all ages!"

- Sandy Hogan, Professional Certified Coach and Certified Integral Coach

"Like Casey, our animals live in the now, always follow their hearts, and delight in the joy of every new day ... a state of being that inspires us all to live just as fully!"

- Dr Kenneth R. Pelletier, Author
   The Best Alternative Medicine: What Works? What Does Not?
   Clinical Professor of Medicine, U of Arizona and UCSF Schools of Medicine

"Loving relationships between kindred souls create special gifts. In this loving tribute to Casey, Dr. Iris Bell shares these gifts of genius and compassion with us all. I have known this admirable scientist and wise healer for over 20 years...and now we discover a source of her brilliance."

- Steven Gurgevich, PhD, co-author (with Joy Gurgevich) of The Self-Hypnosis  Diet, www.healingwithhypnosis.com

"What an easy, fun to read book with great life lessons. We learn from the animals what we can't seem to learn from each other. Everyone needs at least one Casey in their life."

- Madalyn Ward, DVM, author of Holistic Horsekeeping, www.holistichorsekeeping.com

"Nothing makes me laugh like Casey’s hard-won truths. As someone who comes from a long line of human worrywarts, I appreciate his genius: "Worrywarts live longer---we stay out of harm’s way---both real and imagined." Chew on Things---It Helps You Think is a loving, reassuring companion through the absurdities of daily life."
- Jan Henrikson
editor of Eat By Choice, Not by Habit, coauthor of Live the Myth!

"I knew Casey.  He lived life to its fullest.  He energetically reminded me of the joys of exploring, cuddling, pondering, and yes, chewing.  And he trained his owner so well that she captured some of his "woo-woo" wisdom and playfulness in this thoroughly enlightening and endearing book. Be prepared for smiles."

- Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, co-author of The Living Energy Universe

"Honor your own uniqueness. Casey's message is lovingly delivered, but Casey's wisdom is not all warm and fuzzy dog breath. Life is hard, life is scary - life happens. Casey knows, and Casey will help you know, and cope, too."

- Dr. Diana Bochenski, DVM CVH
Practicing Classical Veterinary Homeopath, Buellton Veterinary Clinic, Buellton, CA

Chew on Things Hard Cover book price $16.95.


e-Book for immediate download - only $9.95.


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