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Getting Whole, Getting Well: 5 Keys to Understanding How to Heal from Chronic Illness.

(in e-book & e-workbook pdf immediate download format)

by Iris R. Bell, MD PhD

"Finally - a simple plan for lifelong healing that isn't just another quick fix for your chronic disease, disorder, or illness..."

"If you have heart disease, digestive disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, lupus, attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or other chronic health problems, you can stop the confusion from too many options, hard-to-believe claims, and too little help in figuring out what to do..."

This valuable ebook and accompanying workbook gives you the big picture for understanding how to choose, prioritize, and evaluate your treatment options.

Create a simple step-by-step plan for deciding what is right for you and your health. Women and men with all types of chronic health challenges can benefit from this plan.

"Getting Whole, Getting Well is [like] a unique, informative, comforting, concerned, and humorous parent whose lap I can simply curl up in while being encouraged to make decisions to broaden, and then change my world and personal views. Reading this book involved all of my senses and memories while continuously and gently teaching and empowering me to recognize, consider, and integrate new choices that have been available to me all along. I have several chronic illnesses that I must cope with daily. Thank you, Dr. Bell, for making my path lighter and brighter. From this day forward, I will paint and follow the Big Picture."

Carol Matseoane PhD, NY

Dear Friend,

If you have experienced the strengths and limitations of conventional mainstream medicine or tried to sort through the hundreds of "cures" from alternative or natural medicine that people urge you to try, this e-book is for you.

You have found out that something that works for your neighbor or your relative may not work for you. You know that many treatments for chronic disease come with side effects and risks that can be worse than the disease. You know that just taking a lot of vitamins, eating right, and exercising can be useful, but not enough. You are open to trying things, but you don't know what to do or whom to see.

With Getting Whole, Getting Well, you get a guidebook from an expert doctor (who has also been a patient) to help you...

  • Free yourself from the "box" about disease and its treatment in which modern medical thinking has put you.
  • Find out how stuck you really are in your disease - not to wallow or to blame - but to create reachable goals and realistic timelines.
  • Set your intention to heal your whole Self, not just your body parts.
  • Learn which types of alternative medicine can get you unstuck and on your way to lasting healing and which other types of health care are more useful for support along the way.
  • Distinguish the practitioner from his or her tools. A provider can be compassionate but not have treatments with the power to help. Tools without compassion aren't so useful either.
  • Stop the confusion about what to try and how to decide if it is helping.
Try a more systematic way of planning your treatment!
[A reply to letters recommending remedies]:

”Dear Sir (or Madam):--I try every remedy sent to me. I am now on No. 67. Yours is 2,653. I am looking forward to its beneficial results.”

- Mark Twain quoted in My Father Mark Twain, by Clara Clemens

This ebook is not for everyone. It is straightforward, sometimes advanced in its ideas, and makes you think your way into a new plan. Read on only if you are open to understanding yourself and your disease in a new way...

Find out what "holistic medicine" really means...

Mainstream medicine saves lives - for sure. It relieves pain and suffering. It is remarkable for treating traumas, injuries, and many acute diseases. But conventional medicine falls short in treating chronic diseases because the approach that works well for short-term solutions is a mismatch for long-term solutions. The mainstream medical way of thinking is that you are like a car with a broken part that a mechanic can fix.

Most people with chronic diseases turn to various forms of alternative medicine. However, for many of them, holistic healing, alternative therapies, or natural medicine simply mean treatments that aren't mainstream or conventional medicine...merely that the treatments are not pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. What most people don't realize is that they are trying to use the alternative therapies in the same way they would a prescription drug.

For instance, there are many well-written books out there on the ways in which the mind can affect the body, for both good and bad. But even with mind-body therapies, many people try to command the body part that is manifesting disease to work better. Mind-body techniques can be very powerful to help you change your patterns, but only a few people can will themselves to recover without any additional help. With or without drugs, you can't force a body part to work better without paying a price somewhere else in your overall system - another body part, overall energy or well-being, or your relationships.

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The mind-body connection is just the tip of the iceberg.

State-of-the-art scientific discoveries beyond conventional medical research have shown that we are each a unique whole living system -- a kind of amazing interconnected network made up of networks and part of even larger social and natural networks (like the internet). The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The mind can affect the body, and the body can affect the mind. But they don't do either in a still-life kind of way.

What we as living beings can accomplish is far more than any one of our body parts can do. Mainstream medical thinking is geared to developing treatments that fix body parts once they break, not whole bodies that are running badly.

Put a brain, a heart, a lung, a pancreas, and/or a liver on the table and see if they can act or behave in your world. They simply can't. A liver can only do liver things, a heart can only do heart things. It all sounds silly, but this is a very important idea.

Living systems -- people -- are constantly changing as a whole in their dynamics. Even so, they still can get stuck in ruts, patterns of being that result in symptoms and chronic disease. We each have some weak links in our inner network - and those are the places where symptoms and diseases show up. Those weak links are not where the disease is "located."

You, not your body part, have the disease.

Conventional drugs and surgery are a way to deal with the end results of digging yourself deeper and deeper in the rut of chronic disease(s). They work on the body parts that seem to be manifesting a breakdown. People often also use many alternative therapies in the same way.

But most treatments - conventional and alternative - don't give you traction to get out of the rut in the first place. You just try to replace the drug with a "safer," "less toxic," or "natural" product - or even a mind-body technique - to force your body part to stop telling you there is a problem.

Instead, some time-tested systems of alternative medicine can give you the extra help. What these systems have in common is that their underlying assumptions are that we are whole systems, living changing networks that are indivisible. Even more, each of us is a unique and important part in the larger world and universe around us. And the way they give their treatments is to help your whole system get rebalanced and out of its disease ruts. These approaches help you become the best You that you can be, so that you can take your place in fulfilling your own special purpose in life.

As the World Health Organization has said: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

In summary, here's what you get:

You get immediate access to the powerful ebook "Getting Whole, Getting Well" along with some exciting bonuses for acting now.

Act immediately and receive the following bonuses:

FREE Bonus Workbook: "The Getting Whole, Getting Well Workbook." A companion guide packed with exercises to help you sort out what's going on for you now and how you can get unstuck from your chronic disease rut and heal into your full potential. An extra $12.95 value.

FREE Bonus MP3 Audio Download: A soothing guided imagery and meditation experience with voice and music entitled "Dawn." Developed as part of her "Meditations for All Seasons" © and A Different Monday™ program by a certified hypnotherapist (www.willowsibert.com), this audio will support your intention to heal in the big picture. An extra $9.95 value.

FREE Bonus E-zine Tips Mini-Course from us at www.HolisticMedicineTips.com. Stay up-to-date with ongoing ideas, information, and inspiration to keep going, even when things gets tough with your chronic disease. You may unsubscribe at any time. An extra $39.95 value.

100% Money-Back, Risk-Free Guarantee

Try out the "Getting Whole, Getting Well" ebook risk-free with our 100% money-back guarantee. Keep the bonuses in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, just contact us within 8 weeks and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Here's how to order right now:

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P.S. What have you got to lose with the no-risk guarantee? If you are a person who is open to new ways of seeing your world and your health, get this ebook NOW. Get moving forward in healing from your chronic disease, with clarity and purpose. Act now! Buy now!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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